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Google's Pixel Release Date, News: Google Revealed New Details On Smartphone's Echo-like Speaker Google Home, With A Dedicated Adapter [VIDEO]


Google, the well known software giant, used its San Francisco media event to make a major explosion into its hardware. Most notably, the tech company unveiled the sleek Pixel smartphone, a clear rival to Apple's iPhone.

Google's Pixel smartphone is now available for pre-order, and the smartphone's price starts at $649. Google also made known the new details on Pixel smartphone's Echo-like speaker Google Home, which will roll out this November for $129.

Aside from the Pixel smartphone, Google's San Francisco media event also pushed a pretty big lineup such as the Wi-Fi networking device, Chromecast, smart speaker and VR headset. In line with this, Google seems to be going after the Cupertino based company in the smartphone market, according to USA Today.

However, Apple's Move to iOS app provides users an easy way to move their contacts and other data from an Android phone to an iPhone. Google's new Pixel also has the same features, along with a dedicated adapter.

Google made it known to the public that the new Google Pixel smartphones will be packed with a dedicated Switch capability that allows users to transfer calendar events, photos, contacts, videos, SMS messages, music, iMessages and more from one device to the other, based on the report of PC World.

The Quick Switch Adapter of Google Pixel smartphone is a dedicated On the Go adapter that will come along within the Pixel box, which the tech monster confirms within its Pixel specs page, Android Police reported.

Anyway, as Pixel will be priced at $649, the Pixel XL will be up for grabs for $769. More than any other smartphone the company has put out in the past, the Pixel smartphones aim to capitalize on Google's brand power as one of the best-known corporate names in the world, according to CNET.

Watch The Video Here:

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