AMD RX 490 Release Date, Specs Roundup: Powerful Graphics Card for VR Launched Sooner than Expected? [VIDEO]


After investigating all the rants about AMD RX 490, here's a list of specifications and expected release date of the upcoming powerful graphics card.

AMD RX 490 specifications: A Polaris card that could beat GTX 1080

The specs of Radeon RX 490 have been leaked a few months ago, wherein it was first spotted on Sapphire website and accidentally on AMD's official site, which has been taken down immediately, Wccftech has learned. The card's specs were listed as part of Q4 2016 products launch. 

Speaking of the dual-GPU, RX 490 is said to be a powerful graphics card with 1,200 MHz base clock, 9830 GFlops of computing power and 350 (1400) MHz memory clock, Videocardz reported.

There has been a debate among the tech writers whether AMD will launch Radeon RX 490 as a Vega card or a Polaris card, which differs in architecture, power and performance. Many rumors suggest that Vega 10 architecture is geared up for 2017 release, whereas Polaris-based card will have a 2016 launch date. If RX 490 rumor is to be believed, then it could be a dual-GPU Polaris-based card that features 256 bit memory since it's supposed to take on its successor, the RX 480.

Fans should expect a fierce competition between RX 490 and GTX 1080 if AMD's graphics card is materializing soon.

AMD has not made any official statement so far, and the leaks should be taken with a grain of salt.

AMD RX 490 is rumored to be launched this year

The list in Videocardz describes 4K, VR gaming compatibility in the GPU, which is part of this year's promotion. The 2016 launching can also mean that RX 490 is definitely a Polaris-based card instead of Vega-10 because the latter still has a long way to go till next year. 

Here is a video of RX 490 possible specifications, compared to GTX 1080!

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