AMD RX 490 could be Vega-Based Graphics Card; Cheaper than GTX 1080; Available in Early 2017


We investigate the rants and speculations around RX 490 and do the roundup for you. Nvidia has released GTX 1080 but many of the consumers are still waiting for the launch of AMD's RX 490 to find out which graphics card worth the money.

AMD Radeon RX 490 - a Vega-based graphics card?

At the moment, AMD has RX 470 and RX 480 in the market - both are Polaris-based architecture. What is doubted about the RX 490 is whether it would be released as Polaris or Vega architecture.

Chris Hook previously uploaded a picture on his Facebook, and jokingly said that it is the venue for Vega launch. Although it might be just a prank, there must be a talk about the new graphics card architecture, WccTech reported.

Raja Koduri also tweeted a picture of the people in GPU design team in June who 'delivered Polaris family and next Vega'. This could mean that the RX 490 is the Vega-based graphics card in the making.

Many interesting leaks around the RX 490 include its compatibility for VR games with 4K resolutions. The premium graphics card could get 1200 MHz base clock as reported by Yibada.

AMD Radeon RX 490 possible price

Although it is to early to speculate on the pricetag, consumers expect RX 490 to be much cheaper than GTX 1080 since the Nvidia's graphics card is considered premium.

So far, AMD has never released graphics cards that are too pricey as it is part of the company's strategy. And Crossmap agreed with the speculation of much cheaper graphics card than the competitor.

AMD Radeon RX 490 release date

During the company's investor presentation, AMD did not say a word on RX 490. This might mean that RX 490 could be ready for purchase sometime in early 2017. Previously, Koduri also tweeted a picture about Vega 10 celebration back in June. He said that it is 'long way to go before you see it'.

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