'Shades of Blue' Season 2: NBC Renews Jennifer Lopez's TV Series, To Premiere in 2017[VIDEO]


Jennifer Lopez's "Shades of Blue" will return in 2017 for the Season 2. If you haven't watched the Season, keep on reading this artile so you know the summary.

"Shades of Blue" Season 1 has started to premiere on January 14. The crime drama / action series is created by Adi Hasak.

The series' rating is consistent until the last episode. Episode 1 titled "Pilot" total viewers 13.46. millions. On the last episode, titled "One Last Lie," the total viewers is 8.96 millions. The series received mostly average reviews from the critics, Premiere Date reported. 

Lopez portrayed the role of Harlee Santos (main character), a single-mother and an NYPD detective. She was forced to work in the FBI's anti-corruption task force, and became an asset. Although she was working with the FBI, she needed to keep her ties with Matt (Ray Liotta).

Aside from that, in Episode 1, "Pilot" a rookie named Michael accidentally shot a drug dealer. Harlee covered up what Michael did.
Harlee is a member of Matt's group which  collects extortion money from local gangster. Since she is a member, she gets some share from the extortion money, and uses it for her daughter Cristina's high school tuition.

Matt also helped Michael to covered up, thus, giving Michael a reason to give his loyalty. 

Harlee became an asset when a meeting with a bookie turned out to be an FBI setup for her. Since she was arrested, and in order she avoid going to jail, she needed to cooperate with Agent Robert Stahl (Warren Kole) and his anti-corruption task force . 

Before the last episode ends, there were plenty of twists and dramatic moments. In the last episode, her ex-boyfriend Miguel demanded her to be a part of Christina's life (her daughter).

There is no definite air date for "Shades Of Blue" Season 2. To get more latest updates, keep your tabs on University Herald. 

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