'Pokemon GO' Cheat: Two Hacks No Jailbreak for The Latest iOS! Set Speed, Catch Pokemons without Getting Banned


Here are the two "Pokemon GO" cheats that work. One of them is available in App Store!

"Pokemon GO" cheat: Using PokeGOD available in App Store

Two UC Berkeley students developed a useful app for "Pokemon GO" players. The hack is called PokeGOD that allows them to set walking pace that won't create suspicion. As a player is able to walk slowly, Niantic radar is unlikely to notice. This helps players to spoof and walk anywhere when they're actually at home.

PokeGOD offers features like auto-locating Pokemons. According to ValueWalk, PokeGOD works like a bot but apparently it's been approved by Apple. With just $1.99, iOS device users can download the app in App Store. What's even more interesting about the hack is that you do not need to jailbreak your iDevice. You can check the demo in this YouTube video.

"Pokemon GO" cheat: Using to save location and set the speed

The hack has been demoed by YouTube account named iCrackUriDevice. The user explains ste-by-step on how to download and make the hack works for the latest iOS device without getting caught by Niantic's radar.

There are many useful features starting from adjustable speeds to save-location mode that allows players to be at the same place, the next time they re-launch the app. The hack is also able to focus on a specific Pocket Monster to catch by un-ticking the other monsters. This makes catching Pokemons easier than ever. Players can add joystick to make walking easier as well.

Check out the video below to install "Pokemon GO" cheat on your iOS device

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