'Pokemon GO' Cheat: Hack to Auto-Catch Pokemons that won't Get You Banned is Available in App Store!


There are a lot of "Pokemon GO" cheats out there that can possibly risk your account being banned. However, the new hack developed by UC Berkeley student should eliminate the worry.

"Pokemon GO" cheat using PokeGOD

PokeGOD can fake the walk at a certain speed. Hence, on paper, it should not get players be banned because it is not something suspicious. Theoretically, setting the walking pace without moving from the couch, will not make anyone in trouble.

The auto-catch feature lets users to catch Pokemons nearby and what's more interesting is that it has features awaiting to be unlocked. For instance, the iOS app allows PokeStop spinning once a player shares the app with their fellows.

How does this "Pokemon GO" cheat work?

PokeGOD works like a bot and since it is available in App Store for $1.99, it gives a huge advantage for players who want to search for a hack that actually works and is legit. Previously, a vide demonstrating "Pokemon GO" hack to save location and auto-locate the monsters has gone viral but players have to install the .apk file instead of downloading via App Store or Play Store.

"Pokemon GO" cheat that is available in App Store - is still a cheat?

Niantic has been slashing third party apps and bots to play the AR game. However, it is still a mystery how the cheat can 'pass through' and get into the Apple App Store and can run into iOS devices.

With this cheat, players can ease the effort in finding Pokemons, especially when the quest in catching them all seem to be harder as they level up. The PokeGOD demo video is unlisted but it can be viewed in BGR article.

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