'Pokemon GO' Cheat, No Jailbreak: Hack The Latest Update without Triggering Banning Alarm - Locate, Tap, Find Pokemons [VIDEO]


The declining popularity of "Pokemon GO" is apparently not making the cheats fading. In fact, there is a newer version of hack for the latest iOS update which players can still use.

Many players are worried if the game's hack will no longer be useful once the latest update is rolled out, Yahoo Finance wrote. However, a new video demonstrates how the cheat can still be downloaded and used properly in the AR app.

"Pokemon GO" cheat:

According to iCrackUriDevice, the user who uploaded the video below, this hack requires a few easy steps to complete. Once it is installed, players will have a joystick - or hide it - and there will also be useful features such as adjustable speeds and auto-locate Pokemons. The latter helps to focus on a specific Pocket Monster to find and omit the other characters on the map. The cheat lets a player walk anywhere without leaving the couch and it helps to level up faster.

What's even better for iOS platform users is that the "Pokemon GO" cheat does not require them to jailbreak their devices.

Will players be banned when using the "Pokemon GO" cheat?

The cheat might make a player get banned but only if they are playing without common sense. For instance, walking in a full speed will make a suspicious act and it will likely get noticed. Cheats like teleporting, is another example. Niantic could release the banning to an account if the player is proven to fake a location.

However, this hack's 'save location' feature allows player to save the coordinate so when they re-launch the app, the avatar is still in the designated place instead of going back to the original spot.

Check out the video below to find out how to install "Pokemon GO" cheat!

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