3 Medical Career Paths You Don’t Always Hear About In College


Do you love science, life or anything related to the medical field? But you are not interested in becoming a surgeon for some reason? If you had the time to take a look around at a clinic or a hospital, there are tons of jobs out there that are long term and fulfilling.

What is the best career for you? It is difficult to say what exactly is the best career for you. And there are schools that can teach and prepare you for the job.

Choosing your career path is a stressful thing to consider and mostly overwhelming for students. According to Bustle, there are career paths out there that they don't tell you about in school and even in college. Consider these three:

1. Medical Laboratory Sciences - You can consider this kind of atmosphere if you prefer to be isolated and work on your own. This is especially cool if you love science. There are medical lab positions out there for you to consider. DNA testers and technicians that fiddle with blood samples and other sciencey stuff.

2. Lesser-Known Hospital Roles - The hospital is not just filled with nurses and doctors. There are administrative roles out there too. If you feel like working in a hospital, try out the office jobs there. You would be amazed to find out that a hospital is a business too and would need someone with a business background or someone with a supervisory experience.

3. Lesser-Known Medical Roles - There are other hospital and medical roles out there. Take the more obscure path like occupational therapy, respiratory therapy, speech therapy and so on. Medicine has a wide array of specialties you can consider. There are specialists out there who are even experts in dietary suggestions! Either those, and more, or try out dentistry, too!

Do you have other suggestions for our confused friends? Sound off in the comments section!

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