[LATEST] ETOPiA Celebrates 9th Season With 3 Films About Science And Technology! [VIDEO]


ETOPiA: Engineering Transdisciplinary Project in the Arts at Northwestern University celebrates its 9th season by featuring 3 films/documentaries about science and technology. Instead of the usual idea of presenting plays, the event's organizers thought the season would be celebrated well if graced with films or documentaries entitled "The Believers" (Oct. 7), "Tim's Vermeer" (Oct. 28) and "Particle Fever" (Oct. 14).

Officially known as the Fall Film Festival, the featured event will punctuate the ETOPiA 9th season celebration in a grand manner. This annual event utilizes performance arts to encourage interdisciplinary dialogue among McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Sciences apprentices and junior scientists.

The anchorage of the dialogue naturally falls into how science and technology has been adapted across multi-cultural perspectives, including its apogees in the form of tragic and epic outcomes, Northwestern University stated.

Apparently, ETOPiA seeks to inculcate cultural consciousness among students towards the merging roles and expectations of a modern-day scientist and engineer. Now, broadening the extent of the outreach program, the Film Fall Festival has been tagged free admission by the college admin.

The event's organizers had each featured film/documentary scheduled for screening at Ryan Auditorium of the Technological Institute and also had these recommended strongly for reservation. Discussions after each screening are also encouraged by the organizers, Northwestern Now reported.

"The Believers", retelling the tendentious tale of the two University of Utah chemists' attempts at cold fusion, gets screening on October 7, 2016, 7:00 PM at Ryan Auditorium.

The "Particle Fever", doting on the stories of the 6 ambitious scientists who are at odds over answering the mysteries of the universe, recording plainly the ups and downs in the scientific quest, plays next on Oct. 14, same time and venue.

Lastly, "Tim's Vermeer", narrating the life of inventor Tim Jenison as he measures the "greatness" of the technique used by Dutch Master Johannes Vermeer, gets audience on Oct. 28, same time and venue, Northwestern University again reported.

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