The Health Ministry Increases Zika Monitoring, Virus Defects Don't Stop at Microcephaly[VIDEO]


Channel NewsAsia reported that the preliminary results of studies connected to the Zika infection in pregnant women, which was conducted in Brazil. The study shows the evidences that prove there are more birth defects beyond microcephaly.

As Zika virus continues to spread, a new report suggests that Zika virus may lead to extensive birth defects beyond microcephaly. The health ministry has increased Zika monitoring.

The latest Brazilian study it suggests there are evidences that linked Zika virus and other damages aside from microcephaly. While the researchers were studying the 11 babies diagnosed with Zika, they found out that these babies had neurological impairments including small skulls and brains, and underdeveloped cerebellum, Reuters reported.

Cerebellum is the part of the brain, which is located at the back of the skull, is responsible for motor skills, and coordinate and regulate mascular activity. If this part has been damaged or has problems, it will affect the memory, language, social skills, and problem solving.

According to Dr. Amilcar Tanuri, a researcher at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, microcephaly is just one of the problems that caused by Zika infection. Tanuri added that Zika should be considered as a congenital viral disease like rubella or cytomegalovirus.

In Thailand, the Healthy Ministry has increased the monitoring of Zika after a Thai pregnant woman was confirmed infected by the virus. On Friday, Sept. 30, Thai health authorities confirmed that microcephaly in two babies was caused by the Zika virus, The Star reported.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam said they would increase its control and monitoring efforts in order to prevent the spread of this virus.

This is the first serious (microcephaly) case, so we will be increasing the efforts for control and monitoring," Seri said.

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