2016 Rio Olympics: Olympians Warned About Zika; Indian Athletes To Be Screened For Zika[VIDEO]


The returning athletes from the 2016 Rio Olympics have been warned by health officials about Zika, and to practice safe love making in eight weeks, in order to avoid the transmission of Zika. Indian athletes may be required to scanned for Zika.

Australian athletes and other athletes who traveled to Rio de Janeiro were advised by Federal Health Minister Sussan Ley that that "precaution is the best protection" to prevent possible transmission of Zika virus. Although there is only a small chance, Health Minster said that Aussie who came from Brazil should wear condoms, or avoid unprotected love making for at least eight weeks, in order to avoid possible transmission of Zika, The New Daily reported.

Ley added that those who return home from Brazil should see a doctor if they feel sick or unwell. Ley said they are vigilant in order to minimize the risk of Zika spread.

Currently, there are 44 confirmed cases of Zika virus identified in Australia. Most of them were from overseas.

Meanwhile, Indian athletes who participated at the Rio Olympics may be required to be scanned after a runner Sudha Singh, who participated in the 3,000 meter steeplechase, was reported has symptoms of Zika on her arrival in Bengaluru.

The Indian athlete was tested for dengue and chikungunya, and she was negative for both viral diseases. Her blood samples were sent for screening H1N1 and Zika virus infections.

Aftermath Sudha's blood tests, Union Health Ministry warned the athletes, coaches, and other members of the contingent who were in Rio for the Games, IB TImes reported.

A common symptom of Zika is flu, however, it can cause serious congenital disabilities and nervous disorders. Other symptoms are fever, red eyes, joint pain, headache, and a maculopapular rash. 

OP Jaisha, Kavita Raut and Lalita Babar, athletes who shared an apartment with Sudha in Rio, will be investigated by health officials.

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