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Naora Yasuke Reveals Reason of Resignation from Square Enix; ‘Final Fantasy XV’ Release Date Postponed to 2017?


After 24 years of working with Square Enix, Naora Yasuke Art Director of Final Fantasy XV has decided to leave the game maker's arena with valid reasons. For this matter, could it be possible that Final Fantasy XV release date will be postponed to 2017 instead of November?

The Art Director of Final Fantasy XV Naora Yasuke has announced his resignation in Twitter. According to his Twitter post posted in Fab Newz, September 30 was his last working day with Square Enix his employer for 24 years.

Final Fantasy XV was Yasuke's final work before leaving Square Enix. He admitted his disappointments over the delay of the release of FFXV since the game has been under development since 2006 and is set to release in November 29.  

Yasuke revealed his resignation does not mean severing ties with Square Enix totally. He will continue to work as a freelancer of Square Enix to spend more time with his family.

Despite his resignation, the final release date of Final Fantasy is set and there's no way that it can be postponed in 2017. Yasuke said that he felt great upon seeing his name in the ending of the game. He admitted that the credit is enough for him and described it as the greatest thing he had ever seen so far.

On the other hand, the 40 minutes video of Final Fantasy XV was shown during the EGX in London where the game is running in Xbox One according to Game Spot. But players who wished to see the game as fresh as it is opted not to see the video themselves and just wait until November.

Final Fantasy XV is playable in PlayStation4 and Xbox One. However the mini game version is playable in mobile devices as standalone game. FFXV is also playable in the upcoming PS4 Pro which is said to be more powerful and has a price tag of $400.

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