‘Dragon Ball Super' Episode 61 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Vegeta A Level Higher Compared To Goku?

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The episode 60 of "Dragon Ball Super" finally reveals the huge identity of the main antagonist, Black Goku. Before Black Goku's identity was revealed at the end of the episode, the heroes of the anime series go to the future.

Last week's episode of "Dragon Ball Super," the God of Destruction of Universe 7, Beerus, is not worried about the state of the future. In the mind of the "Dragon Ball Super" character, the power of Gods means they can adjust all timelines. Beerus feels Zamasu is dead once and for all.

Future Trunks made a firm decision to go back to the future to ensure the timeline has changed or not. Trunks, who is the hybrid son of Vegeta and Bulma, is still a believer of the multiverse theory of alternate timelines, based on the report of Attack Of The Fanboy.

Since "Dragon Ball Super" has always been about Goku, fans of the anime series think that it is time for Vegeta to shine and prove his worth as the Prince of Saiyan. If the prince of the fallen Saiyan race did transform into Super Saiyan White, it will make the character a level higher compared to Goku.

However, a major spoiler has surfaced online that might disappoint fans who expect that Black's real identity will be revealed in episode 60. Fans might have to wait until episode 61 for Black's real identity to be revealed, Blasting News reported.

The leaked spoilers claimed that Black Goku's true identity is Zamasu. Based on a synopsis that leaked online, Zamasu exchanged his mind and body with Black Goku by using the Super Dragon Balls.

Fans quickly theorize that it is quite possible for Black Goku and Zamasu to be the same, pointing out the similarities between the two characters, according to Kotaku.

Fans can catch "Dragon Ball Super" episode 61 on October 9.

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