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Sony PlayStation VR: Top 5 Fascinating Features that Make Sony’s VR Platform Worth the Price [VIDEO]


Sony PlayStation VR is the first ever VR headset of Sony and is said to be the company's first leap towards VR mainstreaming. The VR headset comes with a higher price but there are three fascinating things that make Sony PSVR worth the price.

Big Name Games

New games such as Batman Arkham, Star Wars Battlefront and Resident Evil are among the several games with big names that are reported to have been included in Sony PlayStation VR. The Resident Evil full game is under development for its VR version of the game.

Aside from the titles mentioned above, games such as Ocean Decent, London Heist and The Gateway are among the classic titles in PS2 that will land in PSVR according to Irish Examiner.

Engaging Gaming World

Sony PlayStation VR competitor HTC Vive has featured a super sharp screen and PSVR can be considered way behind it. However, when it comes to VR experience, Sony VR platform will surely take the player into the middle of the gaming world.


 Players are comfortable while wearing the Sony PlayStation VR hardware because of the strap that is extended into the back of the head. In this manner, there is a balance of weight both in front and back.

Complete Bundle

Sony PlayStation VR set is composed of VR Headset, processor unit, stereo earphones, VR demo disc and cables and accessories. According to a video posted by Engadget, the most interesting piece in the bundle is the processor unit where the player can plug in his PS4 console and headset at the same time.

More than Just a VR

Sony PlayStation VR also functions as non-VR platform such as entertainment. Through the cinema mode, users are able to watch films, Netflix, TV and even YouTube next to a big screen similar to that of a cinema. Non-VR games can also be played in PSVR.

Watch the video below for further information on the features and inclusions of Sony PlayStation VR Bundle.

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