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Apple iPhone Rumors: iPhone X is the new iPhone 8; Features Include Edge-to-Edge Display with a 3D Glass Screen?


Apple staffs from Israel plant have revealed about the possible features of the next iPhone in 2017 including its name. There's a possibility for Apple to drop the traditional naming for the next model by calling it iPhone X. While an edge-to-edge display is highly possible, Apple is still making a choice between 2.5D or 3D glass display.

Netizens are hearing about Apple's surprise for its 10 anniversary celebration for iPhone products come 2017. In relative to this, a new iPhone model is expected to be launched during the celebration. CNET has talked to some Apple staff of Israel plant and they revealed that the new iPhone will not be called iPhone 7s or iPhone 8. There is a high probability for Apple to drop the naming tradition and bring out the iPhone X in 2017.

Based on the interviews conducted, a certain conclusion can be drawn - that Apple is definitely in the works for the new iPhone 8. BGR also shared the talks they had with some Apple staff in the same country. According to the report, high-end new iPhone models encapsulated in a stainless steel frame are expected to come out next year.

Furthermore, new iPhones are rumored to feature an edge-to-edge display removing the top and bottom bezels. As a result, fingerprint sensor and front-facing camera located in the top and bottom bezels could also be removed. The most interesting speculations is Apple's consideration for 3D glass but Kuo of KGI said that it is likely for the Cupertino-based company to switch to 2.5D glass. According to theory, 2.5D glass has a curvature and cut and is more scratch-resistant and durable compared to 3D which in principle prone to scratches.

 Apple is looking towards manufacturing a full-glass iPhone in the next years to come. This is because glass is more convenient for the company when it comes to inventory and they have probably learned the lessons from the plagued iPhone 7 Jet Black casing mass-production problems that resulted to global shortage.

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