AMD RX 490 Polaris-Based: 4K Quality Graphics Card Released Much Later This Year - Can It Perform better than GTX 1080? [VIDEO]


The soon-to-be released RX 490 is expected to sport powerful specifications. If rumors are  true, the graphics card will be a sophisticated killer in the competition.

AMD RX 490: The rumored specifications

While there is only a few information on RX 490, many analysis point at the dual-GPU system that will be featured in the upcoming AMD graphics card. The high-end hardware will get many improvements and with that being said, it would cost a lot pricier as well.


Many have expected that the RX 490 will outperform GTX 1070 and GTX 1080. It is speculated that RX 490 will be an impressive graphics card made for 4K gamings. For it to have such feature, it has to, at least, beat GTX 1080 performance. Hence, consumers should expect a high quality gaming with the AMD graphics card. It will easily get 60 fps at 1080 pixel.

AMD RX 490: Is it a Polaris-based or Vega-based?

RX 490, which is believed to be a Polaris-based graphics card, is expected to be released this year. However, if the card is no-show in this year's AMD event - then it will likely be a Vega. This is due to the fact that AMD reportedly begins the production of powerful Vega 10 cards next year, Techpepsye reported.

AMD RX 490: When is the release date?

The high-end graphics card is rumored to be distributed in the fourth quarter of 2016. This simply means that it won't be to long till we see the RX 490 in the market. The news from KitGuru also corroborates the indication of RX 490 released this year as the listing accidentally present in three times in partners' sites, University Herald reported. And based on the Forbes report, it mentions about Radeon RX 490 'is released much later this year'.

Here's a prediction on AMD RX 490 graphics card!


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