Joe Manganiello Plays Deathstroke In The Upcoming Batman Solo Film


Deathstroke will be played by the actor Joe Manganello in Warner Bros' approaching Batman solo and as part of his preparation, the Magic Mike and "True Blood" actor is doing some research about DC Comics.

In a few posts on his Twitter account, Manganiello posted few images of DC branded goods that includes Deathstroke POP! figures and a number of assorted comics to read over, ranging from "Deathstroke: The Terminator" to "Teen Titans."

Among the comics he had posted is two volumes of the book "Batman: Earth One" by Geoff Johns who is also responsible for writing the reboot. Ironically, the character of Deathstroke doesn't actually appear in the book, however, that doesn't rule out the likelihood of some parts of this book will be used as a form of inspiration to start up the film.

Another thing besides Manganiello's involvement on the movie, Warner Bros. never shared anything about the Batman solo movie, starred by Ben Affleck. There's no exact date of the release of the film just yet, but the company's CEO Jeff Bewkes recently shared a little info of the general timing of the film, sharing that the film is a year and a half out. But it isn't so sure yet whether he meant the start of production of the movie's release on the market, IGN reported.

A few days after the release of the information that Manganiello is one of the official cast of the Batman solo movie, he also is casted to play one notorious villain that goes under the name of Slade Wilson. It's not certain yet whether he was the man behind the mask in the set video of Affleck however should Deatstroke debut on "Justice League", it is going to be clear that Warner Bros, Zack Snyder and DC will let him play the character to shed some light and build up his momentum in the forthcoming Batman film. 


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