Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti Benchmark Leaked: A Special Feature, More Affordable than RX 470, Better than RX 460?


Nvdia GTX 1050 Ti has another leak that shows off the specifications and performance. It is rumored that the company will release the low-end card soon.

Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti performance leaked

The benchmark captured and posted on Chiphell shows GTX 1050 Ti specs in GPUz form. The Ti variant is one of the two cards in GTX 1050 series, expected to launch this October. Both variants will use GP107 GPU - an entry level Pascal-based architecture.

GTX 1050 Ti is a replacement for GTX 950 and GTX 750 Ti. It is rumored to rock 4 GB of GDDR5 RAM and 768 CUDA cores. The clock speed could be 1318 MHz with boost clock at 1380 MHz. This means a cut down on core and probably, the performance would be on par with RX 460. The GTX 1050 Ti is said to have no power pin connector - which could be a great feature, Wccftech reported.

Nvidia GTX 1050 to be a low-end graphics card

Pascal-based architecture offers an efficient system as it uses low number in cores and transistors. Thus the performance would likely be better than the low-end graphics card. As the GTX 1050 falls in affordable graphics card category - the possible price point would be around  $149 for the GTX 1050 Ti variant and $119 for the GTX 1050.

Nvidia GTX 1050 and GTX 1050 Ti release date

It is reported that both cards will debut in October. The gaming community has long been anticipating the GTX 1050 especially when Nvidia launched the cut down version of GTX 1060. Many have thought that the company skips GTX 1050 Ti but it seems that the graphics card will arrive soon.

What gamers have to say about GTX 1050?

Judging from the leaked specifications, GTX 1050 may not be so close to GTX 1060 when it comes to performance. It would, however, be better than the RX 460 at a slightly lower price than the RX 470. This will surely fill in the gap where AMD can't do in giving a graphics card with specs between RX 460 and RX 470.

Not all of gamers are waiting for GTX 1050 Ti. Many gamers have said that the specs could be a deal breaker because there have been huge leaps in other card. For instance, the RX 480 that costs around $50 cheaper than 970.

The GTX 1050 Ti - which is rumored to have similar specs to RX 960 - costs only $20 cheaper. With the small price gap, consumers will likely opt for a higher specs and features. It would be worth to purchase the GTX 1060 3GB or the RX 470 instead.

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