Best Advice For Students? Chase Your Dreams


At some point in your life, somebody must have told you to follow your dreams. This time, this is the advice being told to students. Chase your dreams.

Phil Pallen speaks at the St. Theresa Catholic Secondary School. It was just this Wednesday that the Los Angeles based brand strategist decides to spend some of his time to tell students about what they love. He was a Belleville resident that pursued a career into brand strategy. He helps deliver brands for celebrities and businesses everywhere.

And now, this former Albert College student, tells students to do the thing they love to do, cites the Intelligencer. He tells students about his own career path and how he arrived at becoming a successful brand strategist.

His portfolio boasts of big names, but some he cannot obviously say out loud. But he has worked with personalities from Shark Tank, Dancing with the Stars, The X Factor, Project Runway, MasterChef Jr and American Idol.

And this week he stood in front of high school students to inspire them to do what they love. "This is a really, really exciting time. Some of you may have some idea what it is you want to do with your lives. Most of you probably have no idea, which I think is fantastic because that's exactly where I was at this time," he told the students, adding it took him several more years after high school to even begin to realize what he wanted in a career," says Pallen.

He says the first thing that everyone should remember is to "not stay put." He says that you have to keep moving, keep traveling. Secondly, he explains that everyone has a digital responsibility. Everything you put on the internet becomes permanent. And because of that, it will become part of your brand. And that brand represents your personal brand. Which of course, represents "you."
Lastly, he tells the students to "say yes" to opportunities.

Doing what you dream of doing and love to do is just the first step. Learn more from Phil in this video below:

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