'Supergirl Season 2' Trailer: Superman And Supergirl Tandem Showcased!


In a few weeks, the second season of "Supergirl" is going be debuting on The CW, making it closer than ever to be officially included in the same universe of other DC Comics series such as The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.

 Earlier this year, news saying that Supergirl exists within the multiverse had flood the TV show industry however Kara Denvers is going to do a crossover with heroes coming from these three shows later this 2016. But the most anticipated part of the series is the introduction of Clark Kent Superman.

The superhero we all know will make his debut on the second season's premier, in the second episode. However the future of Superman and his character on the TV series remains hidden to all of us up to this date. In the newest trailer of Supergirl Season 2, it has been sneak peeked that Supergirl and Superman is going to team up together to fight an opponent together. Moreover, reactions of Kara's friends and family with the arrival of Clark Kent has been teased in the trailer, Screenrant reported.

This newly released trailer, shown on the official Twitter account of Supergirl series, previews an aftermath of the Venture spaceship landing and a scene of Supergirl and the man of steel together, fighting drones above their city. Moreover, the teaser showcased Cat Grant, welcoming Clark in the CatCo offices.

Surely, Supergirl and its production team are doing their jobs double time after its ratings declined after the series premier's record breaking hit. Moreover, Supergirl series has been criticized for some of its underdeveloped villains like Silver Banshee. However, if Supergirl strides to improve from where it is weak, the series will surely surpass any other comic book series, reported.

The premier of the second season of Supergirl will be on a Monday, October 10. 


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