Fitness App Strava: How it Helps Cities Plan Better Bike Lanes, Apple Watch 2 Can't Track Elevation, and Other Fitness App


There are lots of fitness apps available on Apple store and Google Store. One of them is Strava.

Strava is a mobile app and website used for tracking activity through GPS. Its headquarters are located in San Francisco, California.

This app is pretty useful for sports persons who love outdoor activities as it can search database for routes and athletes. Since it can search database, scientists found out that the app can help improve cities plan for better bike lanes.

Strava is accurate in providing data about how many people commute on foot or by bike. This is the reason why scientists said that app could help urban planners to make cities safer for walkers and bikers who commute to work, The Verge reported.

Can Strava work on Apple Watch 2?

In a previous report, Apple Watch 2 was reported has issues with tracking elevation. The Verge reviewed the gadget, and they discovered that Apple Watch 2 does not track elevation, can't record weight lifting sessions, can't upload photos to the Activity app, and has no built-in function for tracking sleep.

There is also no change on the heart rate sensor, and not a multi-sport mode. The source described the data sharing from the third-party apps as weird.

Speaking of third-party apps, some users may wonder if Apple Watch 2 will work with other non-Apple fitness apps. Well, the publication added that in order to make the third-party apps and Apple Watch work together, the app makers should optimize the app for watchOS, so it runs directly on Apple Watch. Next, the app maker needs to opt in order to sync data with Apple Health, the software that pulls and pushes your fitness data between Apple's own apps and other apps.

Although Apple can pull a lot of data, however, it's not always sharing the information to other apps. If a user used RunKeeper directly to Apple Watch, the data will be synced to Apple's Activity app, not on the RunKeeper. This will also happen to Strava and Garmin. If you used either of the two apps to record workouts from earlier this summer, for example, the data of workouts will not be shared to Strava or Garmin.

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