Apple Watch 2 Upgrades Water Resistance Featuring Open Water Swim, Pool Swim Workout Tracking: Branding Towards Premium Watches, Not Fitness Band


Apple Watch 2 reports have revealed that Apple did not only upgrade the water resistance with the new seals and gaskets. The tech giant also featured new Open Water Swim and Pool Swim workouts to track the user's progress.

Apple Watch 2 50-meter water resistance as well as swim workout tracking features are welcome improvements, which make the new watch a vital upgrade for swimmers. Although the original Apple Watch has not been considered for swimming, a number of users reportedly had no issues using it in water on a regular basis.

Swim tracking in Apple Watch 2 is managed in the similar Workout app as other forms of exercise. It also includes open water and pool swim workout choices to pick from and different goals that are available for every workout.

When the workout and a pool length goal  have been selected, the user can hit the Start button, and the watch is expected to provide three-second countdown. While in the swim workout, the Apple Watch may display up to four various metrics. These include active calories burned, workout duration, and laps completed.

Reports also suggest that a long freestyle swim is perfect for tracking with Apple Watch 2, and that its GPS may be a great tool for tracking ocean and lake swims, where it is not easy to estimate the distance swum. Although it is not the first GPS swim tracking watch, it is a worthwhile addition for open water swimmers that they can wear to give a host of uses,  MacRumors reported.

Meanwhile Apple Watch OS 3 was made available for users, including iOS 10, although the majority of the focus was turned on the mobile OS. But according to reports, the Watch OS 3 also comes with several improvements, mostly based on the user feedback for the past year.  

Apple Watch OS 3 speculations arise that Apple is likely to place its Watch in the expensive watch market and not as fitness band, and that it will remain to be premium, Indian Express reported. Watch Apple Watch Series 2 Review

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