'Battlefield 1' Gameplay Update: Patch Needs To Fix All These, Especially Vaulting System Fails, Slow Melee Weapons; Tutorial Videos Coming?


"Battlefield 1" was said to have gathered a huge crowd in the recent open beta with 13.2 million players who participated. There were some issues with gameplay that were noticed during the beta, which EA DICE is expected to fix. The game also includes low level to high level damage melee weapons.

"Battlefield 1" beta reportedly had a lot of bugs like floating objects and vaulting system fails. It is also believed that DICE should offer tutorials and videos that cover the basics and the advanced stuff.

The tanks were also noted to sound too quiet than it should resulting in getting killed often without noticing a tank nearby. The timer between rounds was also said to be broken, making players sit through 60 seconds of a countdown screen just to wait for all the players to join the next map at the same time, Windows Central reported.

However, spawn timers varied between players, while sneaks are able to join the next round instantly, others have to wait and by the time other players have joined the map, all the vehicles have already vanished. Shotguns in "Battlefield 1" were also said to be a one shot hit or miss, Game Radar reported.

Players need to come close to their enemies to aim at them and by that time it only takes one shot or the player gets killed. It is also reportedly difficult to get out of a vehicle that needs countless tries before succeeding. Toggle options were also reported to have limited options than in previous installments.

"Battlefield 1" has three different melee weapon classes: knives, clubs and the bladed or specials. The weapons differ in the speed to swing, damage that connects with each hit, and level of damage, the official Battlefield website stated.

A knife is a low-damage weapon but is reportedly the quickest to perform consecutive swings and has a much bigger takedown zone. Clubs are mid-range weapons, doing mid-level damage at a moderate speed.

"Battlefield 1" special melee weapons such as the shovel, pickaxe, and hatchet do the most damage but are also said to be the slowest. Finally, the bayonet charge grants players increase in sprint speed, minimal bullet damage, and no blocking option for enemies during takedown.

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