'Kingdom Hearts 3' Gameplay Update: Square Enix Sequel Ousts Xbox One? January 2017 Release Date Aims For Glitch-Free Experience?


"Kingdom Hearts 3" latest revelations are expected to include new Disney gameplay and worlds soon. Square Enix is also reported to feature a sequel, which is no longer available on Xbox One, for the Japanese game developers' 15th anniversary.

In the official "Kingdom Hearts'" Twitter account, Square Enix has reportedly posted their excitement regarding the progress of the much awaited sequel, including "Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue." The developers also said that the game's development is doing well, and that the fans can expect new Disney worlds, wherein they can jump, run, explore and fly in wider space and higher range in terms of maneuverability, Morning Ledger reported.

"Kingdom Hearts 3" is reported to feature new worlds that are based from Disney characters. Game co-director Tai Yasue also teased about the appearance of some  "Marvel" and "Star Wars" characters, although Square Enix may have to wait to get the rights from Disney.

Moreover, "Kingdom Hearts 3" is also rumored to have been taken out from the official Japan website of Xbox Live. This has led gamers to speculate that the game will possibly be an exclusive of PlayStation 4. Given the recent emphasis on bringing old console exclusive games on PC, it is likely that a PC release may come in the further.

Meanwhile, "Kingdom Hearts" creator Tetsuya Nomura has reportedly expressed his regret for the change of a launch date for "Kingdom Hearts 2.8" to Jan. 2017. Based on a Twitter post, Nomura confirmed that due to the adjustment of titles, the estimated launch date December 2016 has later become Jan. 12, 2017.

"Kingdom Hearts 3" is rumored to be launched 2017 for the Xbox One and  PS4. Nomura also assured the players that the development is doing well without any issue, and that they are near completion, Game Rant reported.

Watch "Kingdom Hearts" HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue E3 2016 Trailer here:

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