‘Birth of the Dragon’ Trailer: Young Bruce Lee in the Fight of His Life

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Martial arts idol and popular movie star Bruce Lee lived an amazing and fulfilled yet short life. Any of his activities before, when and after his international fame are either drowned in mystery or have been overacted into the things by his friends, students and himself as well.

 Among the most mysterious yet legendary is a supposed "private fight" 1964, wherein Lee is accounted to have been defeated by the then legendary kung-fu master Wong Jack Man, for him to settle a clash over Lee's debated teaching style in San Francisco, Collider reported.

Reports of this particular brawl have been very different from each other, with some people even asking about the actuality of the event. In the upcoming movie "Birth of the Dragon", directed by George Nolfi, he shared that the film showcases heavily-fictionalized say on the story, as part of a high-profile U.S./China co-production.

The film is set to recast Wong Jack Man as a developed Northern Shaolin monk and begins to relate the story in a perspective of one of Lee's American student, who is central in the making of the "private fight" and finds himself between the admiration of the skills as well as values of the two opposing masters. Even if the film is set to be produced in the U.S. and set to be released in the international scene, the fundamental investment and the production funds as well is from China's Kylin Pictures, according to Screenrant.

The sudden death of Bruce Lee in "Enter the Dragon" makes it more problematic to differentiate the real accounts of his life from pop-mythology-the fight against Wong Jack Man being one of the most infamous events in his life.

"Birth of the Dragon" was launched at the Film Festival in Toronto and as of the moment, its official release for U.S. is yet to be announced. 

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