‘Sea of Thieves’ Teaser Trailer Showcases A Beautiful Sunrise [VIDEO]


Rare has recently launched the newest sneak peak video of the "Sea of Thieves", which focuses on the game's lighting and the mechanism of creating a live-looking sunrises and sunsets.

This video couldn't get a more appropriate title which is "Let There Be Light". Inside this video, Ryan Stevenson, the art director of "Sea of Thieves", together with the principal environment artist Andre Finch talks about the "tricks and techniques" used in the production of the game's lighting system. It is apparent that Rare have been to greater heights with regards to the lighting production since it is very close-to-reality, and in a pirate-themed game where and outdoor setting is very much needed not to mention the sea and all other little details, lighting is fundamentally essential, Gamespot reported.

Finch explicated that lighting systes are being specified to morning, midday, afternoon as well as night, together with transitional times between these sides of the day.

This sneak peak video is a part of Sea of Thieves "Tavern Talk" series wherein, game developers Rare is continuously tacking about the specificity of the elements found in the game. There are teasers being publicized in the past which necessarily focused on the game's clouds as well as waters, according to MLG Smokers.

Furthermore, Microsoft have reported that the "Sea of Thieves" is the best game that Rare has ever developed. Considering its artistic aspects as well as the kind of game experience it provides, it could be inferred that Microsoft couldn't get any more accurate. This could be a start of something awesome.

"Sea of Thieves" could be played in an Xbox Play Anywhere game. So therefore, the moment you purchase it online in Xbox One, you will have to get its PC version as a freebie and the same case happens vice versa. This amazing game will be launched and be made available next year, but a specific month and day haven't been announced yet. 


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