'Firewatch' On Xbox One Faces Delays In Europe, Australia, New Zealand Launches, Campo Santo Confirms [TRAILER]


"Firewatch" on Xbox One was recently launched worldwide on September 21, but some gamers in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand would have to wait a little more for the highly acclaimed first-person adventure game.

"Firewatch" has been officially launched initially on the Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and PlayStation 4 platform on February 9 of this year. Xbox One has just recently joined the line-up to feature the game, but it has not been without delays, IGN reported.

The Xbox One version of the game was launched on September 21 in North America, and a handful of South American countries.

Gamers from the other end of the Atlantic would still have to wait a little more as Campo Santo announced that it is facing issues with game ratings and thus delayed expected release date in Europe, which was pushed back to September 30.

Meanwhile, fans of the game from Australia, as well as New Zealand have yet to receive a definitive release date, but the game developers assures its customers that it would not be longer than a week from Europe's launch date, according to the Campo Santo blog post.

Xbox One gamers may have been late to experience the critically acclaimed first-person adventure game, but they have been treated with the newest addition to the gameplay mode that allows users to free-roam the vast map of "Firewatch," which was quite absent to other platforms.

The free-roam mode is expected to come to all platforms in the coming few weeks, though the game developers have yet to specify a specific release of the new game mode.

"Firewatch" takes place in the forests among Wyoming set in 1989. Players assume the role of Henry, whom volunteered to work as a fire lookout, and was assigned to the Shoshone National Forest.

It quickly gained quite a fanbase, which may be largely due to the inviting artwork, or may it even be the mystery genre integrated with an intriguing storyline; whichever it may be, gamers would likely have "Firewatch" already included in their favorites' list.

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