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'Mafia 3' Already Slated To Have A Bunch Of DLC Before Worldwide Release On October 7, Take-Two Interactive Confirms [TRAILER]


"Mafia 3" will be Take-Two Interactive's latest installment to the theme-specific series, and the game is already slated to have a multitude of downloadable content post-launch.

"Mafia 3" has a release date set to October 7, but the game developers can hardly keep the details until then and have revealed the contents of these downloadable packs on the official game's website.

The game is set in New Bordeaux where gamers can explore the vast map set by game makers at Take-Two Interactive. The sandbox-type game will once again relay a deep story surrounding the Mafioso theme of old.

Previous "Mafia" games have featured a vast explorable map, along with an intuitive gameplay that somewhat encapsulates the feel of post-war America. The gameplay may be comparable to the popular "Grand Theft Auto" series, but the game developers have made an achievement in setting themselves apart from the Rockstar game.

The DLC set to be released once the game makes it way to gamers' library with much of the contents had been revealed by the game developers themselves. Customers whom purchased the game will be treated with a free DLC pack, which would contain a number of character outfits for the game's lead character, Lincoln Clay.

The freebies extend to weapon packs, on which gamer's can readily familiarize themselves with. Along with the free DLC packs, the developers have also detailed its paid downloadable content, CinemaBlend reported.

The new game also upgrades the vehicle customization feature from the second game with lots more options to modify the cars. It still remains to be seen whether the developers have retained the gas gauge feature in the game dynamics, with the feature rather gained mixed reception from fans.

The DLC roster will also feature a paid pack, as of which contains more quest lines that would certainly extend the game's lifespan.

The prices of the DLC packs have yet to be specified but the publishers have revealed that customers whom purchased the game's season pass would be treated with three story expansion packs, as well as the aforementioned new features.

The season pass is currently listed at a cost of $29.99.

"Mafia 3" is set to be released on the PS4, Xbox One, as well as the PC on October 7.

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