Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Versus iPhone 7: The Note 7 Was Leading In Sales Prior To Recall?


After the series of reports of exploding batteries in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the Korean company recalled their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones. While it is a tragic incident in the part of Samsung, they were leading the sales list before the explosions happen.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7's battery explosions have cost the company billions. This was one of the biggest disasters in the history of smartphone tech. The event was not only a concern about  a bunk software or a malfunctioning hardware but also of the the consumer's safety. This will then need all the marketing strategies they could find. Coming back from that downfall, the Samsung company should not only assure people of the quality of their phones but also show that their devices are safe, according to Know Your Mobile.

Prior to the event, Apple's iPhone flagship entry, the iPhone 7, did not have many new features and innovations. This was the moment where Samsung would have defeated the iPhone in terms of sales. The promising sales led Samsung to accelerate the production as they were confident that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would impress the consumers. They have shipped 2.5 million units all over the world. On September 2, D.J. Koh announced that all the phones shipped will be recalled and replaced, Bloomerg reported.

Before the tragic battery explosion incident, the Note 7 has been selling well. In fact, it surpassed the sales of the previously released Samsung Galaxy Note 5 by 25%.  The phone has a total sales of 7.2 million units  in the third quarter.Accordin to BayStreet,however, the Galaxy Note 7 would only earn 60% of the Galaxy Note 5's revenue.

The expected return to sales of the Galaxy Note 7 would be on October 21. This would only be in the United States. However, those who were affected by the explosion has alreadt started receiving their phone replacements. 


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