‘Call of Duty: Black Ops III’ Revelations Easter Egg, Tips, and Tutorials [VIDEOS]


It has been almost a year since "Call of Duty: Black Ops III" hit the gaming market. Furthermore, its latest and final expansion pack is already out. There are four added multiplayer maps in addition to the previously released Zombies map, Revelation.

The final zombies map from Treyarch is the  Revelations. So, the makers has gone all out to create the most elaborate expansion map in the history of "Call of Duty" series.  The secrets requires time spent familiarizing the maps and may even need friends to help the players get the perfect results. On one note, the game could always be played solo and still get the perfect results. One examples of the Easter Eggs that can be tackled solo is the  "A Better Tomorrow" Easter Egg, Game Rant reported.

The Easter Egg was already disclosed by the official site of "Call of Duty". This update was even called the "super easter egg hunt".To further explain the Easter Egg, here's a video from MrDalekJD:

One of the Revelations' easter eggs which has been complicated is the turning on of the power. On other zombie maps, turning on the power is pretty easy. On the Revelations, however, it requires  four separate generators to be turned on. These generators are called Corruption Engines. These genereators also activates the spawning of creatures and players will need to stay for a while and kill enemies. Here are the sections where Corruption Engines can be found: Der Eisendrache, Mob of the Dead, Starting Point, and Verruckt.

Another notable easter egg is the tomstones. The trick on these tombstones are to shoot them in a certain pattern. These tombstones can be found in areas where the Corruption Engine is. In exact order, the player must shoot these tombstones: Takeo,  Richtofen, Tank Dempsey, Nikolai. After doing so, a symbol should glow on them.

After this, the Keeper should be spawned by the player which would include collecting parts and building a summoning  altar. After summoning the Keeper, the player should find  a triangular blue rock  and bring the Keeper there. The player must also protect the Keeper from zombie spawn.

The next step would be Apothicon and the Pack-a-Punch machine. Assuming that all the four Corruption Engines have been activated, the player should head to Nacht der Untoten where the player should wait for the Lovecraftian beast to move right in front of the terminal and then activate it. This will stun the beast and the player will have to shoot its glowing veins which powers the heart, which in turn, will free the Pack-a-Punch machine.

The next audio reel is inside the Apothicon and will require the Li'l Arnies. Throwing the monster grenade into zombie spawning holes will spawn monsters which the player needs to defeat. The third audio reel will be acquired if the player has the upgraded weapon called Estoom-Oth. There are six stone slabs scattered in the map which turnes into a bone once shot with the Estoom- Oth. After collecting, the player should go to Nacht der Untoten to find a pile of bones near the radio. The player needs to shoot these bones with Estoom-Oth so that Sophia would appear and shoot Sophia too to get the third audio reel.

After this, the player should go back to the Corruption Engines which will now be turrets which can be used to shoot blue orbs. This will spawn S.O.P.H.I.A. computer orb and will then lead the player to Kino der Toten where she will atach herself to a teleporter. All players must be in the teleporter and it will send them to Sophia's house where the players will find a Kronorium which should be put on the podium back in Kinor de Toten. This will cause eggs to spawn randomly in the map. These eggs should be delivered back to the Apothicon and place them in the incubation pods. After a while they will spawn gate worms. The player must grab the worms and use it to find the runes.

After doing so,  players should go back to Kino der Toten and interact with the runes in the projection room. This will send them to an alternate version of the place where the players should interact with the runes in the podium and follow what it orders.  A boss fight will be triggered and the players must complete it to get the Summoning Key. After this, the Summoning Key should be used to summon the  Shadow Man boss. After it is defeated, the Easter egg is complete.


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