iPad Mini 5 Specs, Release Date, Features: Will It Be Waterproof Like The iPhone 7? – Everything You Need To Know


The iPhone 7 is officially out in stores, and consumers are happy with the product. Now, expectations are running high for Apple's release of the iPad Mini 5, which is rumored to be more powerful than its predecessor.

Here's everything we know so far about the iPad Mini 5.

iPad Mini 5 Design

The iPad Mini 4 closely resembles the first generation of the iPad Mini, wherein the only difference is that its slimmer and a bunch of features were added in. There's a theory that Apple is doing a conservative redesign to the iPad Mini 5. According to Mac World, it's possible that while there's a noticeable change on the iPad Mini 5 design, there would be less improvements in terms of features.

The iPad mini 5 thinness is expected to go down even more, and rumors even suggest that it would only be 5mm thick. Interestingly, it would also boast a new 7000-series aluminium chassis, which is the same one used for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, that would prevent the tablet from bending due to its thinness.

iPad Mini 5 Features

There's a good chance Apple would incorporate 3D Touch on the new generation iPads, starting with the iPad Mini 5. Since the iPhone 7 has been confirmed to be waterproof, there are also rumors that the new iPad Mini 5 could be waterproof and dust-resistant.

Moreover, it's expected to run on the new iOS 10.

PC Advisor reported that the iPad Mini 5 will have the same 7.9 retina display as the iPad Mini 4.

iPad Mini 5 Specs

Apple might also roll out an iPad Mini 5 rose gold version, and there's also rumors that the 32GB storage would be the new standard for the iPad, which is currently offered in 16GB, 64GB and 128GB versions.

iPad Mini 5 Release Date

Many expected the iPad Mini 5 to be introduced together with the iPhone 7 earlier this month, so when the iPad was left out, fans were left baffled. There are rumors that the new iPad Mini 5 would come out later this year or early in 2017.

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