Samsung ‘Galaxy S8’ Rumors: High-End ‘Galaxy S8’ Will Make Someone Nostalgic; Coming in 2017 with ‘Galaxy S8 EDGE’

By , UniversityHerald Reporter

It's a no retreat, no surrender for the Korean tech giant Samsung as they are preparing for the launching of the long rumored Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 EDGE in 2017. Flagships are believed to be high-end sporting in an old mobile design. Will this become the key to Samsung's recovery from Galaxy Note 7 fiasco?

Even before the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, rumors rounding up around Galaxy S8 has already started such as the 4K VR display and dual-cameras. In addition to that, the two models will come in two display screen sizes - 5.1 inch and 5.5 inch. It is also said to feature an AMOLED display with a curvy screen. In the report of Know Your Mobile, Samsung chief's mobile Dong-Jin Koh told the reporters of Korea Herald that the edge display of the new smartphones will be the same with the Galaxy S series. This led to the conclusion that no flat-screened variant will be release in 2017.

Recent leaked images of Samsung Galaxy 8 and Galaxy 8 Note has been making rounds online. The leaked images showed two smartphones sporting in an old mobile design where Business Insider called a clamshell. However, the same publication commended that the 2017 flagships will be high-end and could win the hearts of the consumers for nostalgic reasons.

Alongside the rumored Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 EDGE, two emerging smartphones will make also make a debut in 2017. Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy Note 8 EDGE are the addition to the Galaxy family of Samsung. But there's a lot of event that could happen in a matter of year most especially to a company like Samsung that looking towards great innovations but quality products.

Regardless of the design, display screen or even under the hood specifications and features, the most important factor people looking at now is the safety. And this should guide Samsung taking their lessons from the battery issues arose from their latest debuted Galaxy Note 7 which considered by some as a global tragedy.

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