Mercedes-Benz Outruns BMW as of August 2016 Sales

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So you have probably heard about the story of the three great German car manufacturers. Their main stores are just a few miles away from each other but instead of having a friendly competition, these dudes ended up being the arch enemies of each other.

In years, the Bavarians of Munchen have been the best seller and consistently on the charts, outshining all other brands, reaching to the extent of calling themselves either finest or luxury. Mercedes-Benz as well as Audi didn't like this happenings, so the two brands work their hardest to grab the throne for themselves.

This was the case a few years back, however, BMW is still on the throne up-to-date, even if they have been very discreet with regards to the number of models released. The new 7 Series is one of its newest products, but is not considered a high-end car model. X1 SUV is nice, but not good enough, according to AutoEvolution.

One of its secret weapons, the all-new 5 Series, is about to be fired but by the looks of it, "evolution" is a better term rather than "revolution". It's the direct competition of the Mercedes-Benz's E-Class and they have done the exact opposite.

Last month, Mercedes has been raising its positions being able to rise up 12% of worldwide sales with a total of 156,246 units sold. On the other side of the coin, BMW only managed to increase a seemingly disappointing 5% of worldwide sales with a total of 142,554 units sold. As of August 2016, Mercedes-Benz have sold a total of 1.32 million cars worldwide and BMW with only 1.28M, NDTV reported.

In other words, there are only 44,124 cars dividing the two elite car brands from each other in just four months on the ground. After a close fight last year, it seems that this is the year of Mercedes-Benz. Obviously, until BMW releases something incredible. 

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