The New Chevy Bolt Versus Tesla Model 3: Which Is A Better EV?


Back in April, Tesla unveiled their Model 3 Electric Vehicle which is an expensive car. Just recently, General Motors revealed a new Electric Vehicle called Chevy Bolt. The Bolt surpasses the Tesla Model 3 in many features. Here's how:

While the announced range of Tesla Model 3 is 215 miles, General Motors pushed their new Chevy Bolt's limit up to 238 miles. The result of the 'push' whihc General Motors earlier talked about allowed the Chevy Bolt to go further on a 60 kWh battery pack. The Tesla Model S also has the same battery pack capacity but it only runs 208 miles on a single charge. While Tesla cars are expensive, General Motors are looking to match the Tesla price (possibly lower) in order to convince some of the customers who have made reservations for the tesla Model 3 to buy the chevy Bolt instead, electrek reported.

Many of the Tesla fans say that the Chevy Bolt has missed the styling mark. While the Model 3 is designed as a sleek sports sedan, the Chevy Bolt has a homely runabout design. On the other hand, the Chevy bolt is not trying to be a sports sedan. The urban runabout design was showing that the Chevy bolt is indeed an urban runabout. Its short and stubby style makes it maneuverable in traffic and also makes it easier to park, according The Motley Fool.

In addition, the Chevy Bolt has a boxy rooflin which was intended to give more space to the backseat. The Bolt also has large rear doors to allow easy entry and exit of passengers. The Bolt is also equipped with built-in technology which could make it an ideal taxi cab.

The Chevy Bolt's body style and design was not made to compete with Tesla model 3. However, It can actually copete head-on with the Tesla Model 3 or any Tesla. One reason why the Bolt can take a Tesla head-on is because of its range and price. General Motors also have the advantage of experience (with OnStar) which makes themexperts in vehicle connectivity.


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