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Democrat VP Candidate Tim Kaine Slams Donald Trump's Lack Of Plan On Rising Cost Of Higher Education


Senator Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton's running mate and the Democratic party's vice-presidential candidate for the 2016 elections, has been adamant with his views on higher education. He has previously admitted that he and Clinton want to make college "debt-free" for everybody.

He has spoken up against student debt. "Student debt is placing a massive burden on our college students and graduates and I'm pleased to see that both Democratic candidates have proposals to make higher education more affordable," he said on Quora, via The Huffington Post.

Recently, in a piece for TIME, Tim Kaine once again shared his views on higher education. He even slammed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for his disregard on the rising cost of higher education.

"The cost of a higher education skyrocketed by every measure," he wrote. "American students and graduates hold more than $1.2 trillion in debt today-and each indebted graduate can expect to owe nearly $30,000. If you're a current college student."

Addressing current college students, he assured them that he and Hillary understand the situation and that they are aiming to do better. According to him, their team "is fully committed to sending every child in this country to world-class schools with great teachers, no matter where they come from."

He reiterated their plan to make debt-free college available to everyone. Apparently, they also plan to make tuition free for in-state students from families that earn less than $125,000.

Kaine also criticized Donald Trump for boasting about his Ivy League education but, at the same time, having "no intention of offering anyone else the same opportunity." The Republican candidate's school, Trump University, is currently under fire for a donation it made a few years ago which looked like a bribe to prevent an in-depth investigation on the institution's operations.

"Trump has long said that the United States spends too much on education," he added. "Instead of reconsidering how that money should be spent, he wants to all but nix the Department of Education, an agency that offers an array of resources to support our most vulnerable students."

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