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iPad Air 3 Release Date, Specs & Price: The Much Lauded Tablet Likely To Arrive In 2017 [RUMORS]


The Apple event concluded last week without providing any sort of details for the highly anticipated iPad Air, but optimistic fans of Apple's Air product line are speculating that the purported ultra-thin tablet will be announced sometime next year.

Following the iPad Pro's debut last April, gadget freaks are under the impression that the Air variant will be announced next month supposing that the handheld would not be even spoken of at Apple's September 7 event, and much to the dismay of zealous fans, that is exactly what happened.

Taking the current statistics regarding tablet sales in recent years and the arrival of Apple's new flagship phone into consideration, avid users and tech analysts hazard a guess that the iPad Air 3's release could be shelved until 2017, according to VineReport.

Several reports from earlier last week indicated that Apple made a few changes and enhancements with the storage capacities for the current iPad models, expanding the size but keeping the prize unchanged.

iPad Air 3 Cancelled?

Other recently surfaced reports speculate that the iPad Air 3 has been cancelled. While this is a mere speculation, several clues hint a strong possibility of a new line of iPad tablets being announced instead.

One such reason could allude to previous reports indicating that Apple is currently concentrating on the iPad Pro line.

It is worth noting that the equally anticipated MacBook Air 2016 was also kept under wraps at the last Apple event, hinting a mere delay in release rather than getting rid of its product line altogether. This is likely to be the case with the iPad Air, specifically the iPad Air 3, iTechPost reported.

iPad Air 3 Specs & Features

Though the Cupertino based tech firm has remained tight lipped and have refrained from divulging any sort of details about the iPad Air 3, rumors are running rampant that the much-awaited device will be powered either by an A10 or A10X processor, which gives it an edge over the current iPad Air models.

Moreover, the impending slab could go as thin as 5mm unlike the current 6.1mm iteration. In bid to avoid another "Bendgate" snafu from happening, the back panel could be beefed up with the latest series of aluminium casing.

As far as internal specs are concerned, it is speculated that the device may boast a tweaked 64GB base version rather than 32GB, and come preinstalled with the recently released iOS 10 for Apple's mobile devices, according to Ecumenical News.

iPad Air 3 Price

The much lauded tablet is likely to be offered from $400 to $600 initially.

Those waiting with bated breath for the purported tablet are advised to keep themselves updated with the current news about the popular tech firm.

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