With PS4 Pro, There's No Turning To PC Gaming! Features Can Explain Further


Game consoles  such as PlayStation 4 Pro is going to keep gamers from switching to PC. This is according to the PlayStation president Andrew House, who claims that the features of the new flagship device from Sony will prevent gamers from leaving  consoles.

Based on reports, PC gamers believe that the PC remains as the superior platform, given that there are title releases on PC that are not available on consoles, including the computing power and better graphics features. The price is also cited as one of the reasons why a lot of console gamers are making a switch to PC.

With that, Microsoft and Sony are reportedly introducing upgraded devices, three years following the launch of Xbox One and PS4 respectively - breaking from the normal six to seven years of console cycle. In a recent interview, House believes that PS4 Pro will play a role in keeping the gamers from the PC, and that providing them with the highest performance quality will make them within the console ecosystem.

According to reports, among the best features of PC gaming is enabling the gamers to switch out components, keeping the entire system updated over time. Also, they can gaming experience can easily be enhanced with only few a money needed. Apparently, this is not possible with consoles, GameRant reported.

Meanwhile, Nintendo has already confirmed the upcoming released of its next console NX, however, no concrete details have been provided after the announcement. Microsoft and Sony, on the other hand, are expected to offer new gaming machines, which the current Xbox One and PS4 consoles can already play.

While Microsoft's Scorpio offers VR games, it remains to be seen if the company will continue to perform better in the field. Although reports claim that the PS4 offers a 4K-quality gaming experience, it it unclear if how many games could benefit from the said feature, The Verge reported. Watch PS4 Pro introduction here.

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