Jason Momoa’s Degree Is Wilder Than His Acting As Aquaman


Many thought that Jason Momoa got the role of DC's Aquaman because of his intense performance and porfolio. After his recent stunt as Khal Drogo in the Game of Thrones, DC films brought him on to star in a stand alone film as Aquaman.

He does not only have the body, the facial features, and the angsty profile but he has the background to prove it. Jason Momoa, who was born in Hawaii, took marine biology as a major. He studied in Iowa for a short period. He then transferred to Colorado State University and continued to major in wildlife biology. Back then, he already had knowledge about marine life and animals.

However, before he was able to finish his degree, he had to move back home in order to reconnect with his family. But still, his knowledge and expertise on the subject matter remain with him.

This is specifically crucial as Momoa will be talking to fishes, literally. And his understanding of marine life will bode well when it comes to playing on their strengths and weaknesses. Those who follow the comics know that Aquaman's ability to communicate with animals prove to be useful when he needs help. There is talk that his character will be using some sort of sonar technology when he speaks underwater. The makers of the movie are thinking about making sure that bubbles do not come out when he speaks. Because that means he does not have air in his lungs. Probably something Momoa already knows when it comes to fish biology.

In addition to his Aquaman and Khal Drogo profile, he is also starring in a remake of The Crow, cites Hit Flix. The production is said to start in January 2017. The Crow is a reboot of the 1994 same-titled movie. And Momoa is going to star as Brandon Lee - the lead character.

Jason Momoa is in demand in the industry at the moment.

Want more Jason Momoa? Check out the video below:

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