Alphabet Inc. and Chipotle to 'Employ' Drone Delivery-Robot; Burrito is in The Air!


If you study at Virginia Tech, then you will be able to order burritos from Chipotle and have a Google's drone send the foods to you.

Alphabet Inc. partners up with Chipotle Mexican Grill to deliver burritos to the campus using Google robot. The experimental service is part of the Project Wing and it only lasts for a few weeks.

According to the Google's parent company, the drone delivery has been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration. Project Wing spokesperson, Dave Vos, said that this is the first time that the company delivers what the consumers exactly want.

During the trials, the burrito will be delivered using Wing's aircraft and it will fly 400 feet of the ground, from the loading area- the Chipotle food truck - to the designated area where students wait for the delivery, TechCrunch reported.

Food delivery by drone: Why Chipotle; and why Burittos?

It may sound easy to deliver food by air but the main concerns are the packaging, the food's condition, and the safety, too.

After testing it for many times, Alphabet wants to take the drone to an urban environment for a more realistic condition. Alan Levin of Bloomberg said that the trial is to test the food's temperature after being taken by drone and whether the people like the experience.

Alphabet said that the food delivery may be varied in the future - probably including drinks - and add more weight while keeping everything in balance.

As for now, the program is only available for Virginia Tech students and staffs. The university has been involved in various experiments for transportation technologies, including drone use, as it is part of the Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership.

Let's hope it will be a routine.

Here's a look of the drone tested for delivery service by Project Wing

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