Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Hangouts with Pope Francis at The Vatican; Tech CEO Brings Special Gift


Mark Zuckerberg and wife, Priscilla Chan, paid a visit to Pope Francis home on Monday. The two leaders from different world sat down for a talk.

It might be difficult to imagine two world leaders with different views, hanging out together. Zuckerberg is a tech enthusiast whilst Pope has been given various speeches on how he is against technology domination that could stop people from learning how to live wisely. For instance, Pope once addressed a speech to Catholic youths in St. Peter's Square, stating that happiness is not 'an app you can download on your phones', The Guardian reported.

However, both do have a strong commitment to alleviate poverty. Taking place in Santa Marta residence, Vatican spokesperson, Greg Burke, explained that Zuckerberg addressed on bringing internet to the rural areas where needed. The official statement said that the meeting was to encourage a culture of encounter and to communicate a message of hope, CNN wrote.

Zuckerberg also met Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and talked about the earthquake that happened last week. The entrepreneur later addressed his admiration to the Bishop of Rome in finding ways to connect with people of all faiths and continually spreading the message of kindness and mercy.

As part of the papal visit, he did not come empty handed. Zuckerberg gave Pope a solar-powered drone that could 'beam internet connectivity to placest that don't have it', the CEO wrote on his Facebook post. Rome has a special place in the power couple as it was their honeymoon destination.

Although Pope Francis has been an advocate of person-to-person communication, his works are well-documented in social media platforms. The people's Pope has official Instagram and Twitter accounts. He once owned an iPad with an engraved 'His Holiness Francisco' before he auctioned it for a charity. It resulted $30,000. Pope previously welcomed the high-profiles of Silicon Valley, including Eric Schmidt and Tim Cook.

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