'Final Fantasy XV' PC Release Date Likely To Arrive After 'FFXV' Debuts On PS4, Xbox One Consoles; Latest Gameplay Footage Released [VIDEO]

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Square Enix showed off a 50-minute gameplay video for "Final Fantasy XV" during its PAX West Panel and finally spilled the beans about what is new to the highly-anticipated sequel.

The footage shows Ignis, Prompto, Gladiolus, and Noctis driving to the Balouve Mines where players will take part in a fatal sidequest dungeon at some point in the game.

The mines are packed with devious Goblins who can now steal potions from players. If the players continue to remain at low health for long enough, they can use the robbed potions to cure themselves, rending them unfit to reclaim the items.

The acclaimed Japanese video game developer unwrapped the magic crafting system, which enable players to create an all-powerful spell for Noctis and the group by customizing a slew of magic spells and items. Elemental spells including thunder, blizzard and fire are used as the basis for the spell, when unified can spawn Blizzara, Thundra, Fira; however, players can further enhance the spell by including items such as phoenix down, elixirs, potions et al. to make the spell more effective.

Furthermore, the driving system for "FFXV" has considerably improved as players can drive the Regalia on the opposite side of the road, and damage mechanics has been introduced which come into play when a player crashes in to cars or any other object. But that's not all; a Chocobo hoop racing has been added for gamers who enjoy a good mini-game, Game director Hajime Tabata noted.

The video features Noctis and the gang sneaking in the other Niflheim base where they bump into all kind of mechanical enemies along the way. Tabata lays emphasis on players to come up with various strategies against these mechanical enemies such as targeting different parts of their body for vulnerability, Gamerant reported.

Meanwhile, it looks like Square Enix is gearing up to launch "Final Fantasy XV" on the PC platform, but Tabata noted that the PC version is still unconfirmed, and they are currently busy with promoting, completing and releasing the sequel on the consoles.

In collaboration with the studio, Tabata will also be looking into the upgraded versions of Sony and Microsoft consoles i.e. the PS4 Neo and Xbox Scorpio, although he admitted that he just heard of the latest Xbox device and has no plans for it. Nevertheless, Tabata expressed his interest in the capacity and performance of the latest Xbox device and noted that maybe someday "Final Fantasy XV" will be released on it, Kotaku reported.

Square Enix also opened up about the real reason for "Final Fantasy XV" delay as Tabata pointed out to optimization issues with several bugs and unusual frame rate drops. Tabata and his team will reportedly fix the problems that sequel has prior to launching it in November, rather than making a patch update to support in on the first day.

"Final Fantasy XV" is slated to hit the store shelves on November 29 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

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