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'Final Fantasy 7' Remake Release Date & Update: Title Still In Development Stages, Says Square Enix; Nintendo NX Version Not Coming?


The latest details for "Final Fantasy 7" remake features Square Enix skipping a Nintendo NX version and game to be developed based on "Final Fantasy XIII."

Looks like Square Enix does not plan to port "Final Fantasy 7" remake to the Nintendo's looming new console, the Nintendo NX as game director Tetsuya Nomura told Famitsu (via GameNGuide) that the studio is prepping for a big info reveal, rather than intermittently rolling out bits and pieces.

While Square Enix remained mum and did not spill the beans about "Final Fantasy 7" remake, avid gaming fans have been waiting with bated breath for the studio to throw more light on details for the upcoming action role-playing game, specifically on its release date and whether the title will be ported to other gaming platforms.

Nomura did clarify that "Final Fantasy 7" remake is still in the making and it will take quite a while before the game finally hit the store shelves. Nomura, in collaboration with the studio will personally announce the update about the much-awaited game in the near future.

If earlier reports are anything to go by, "Final Fantasy 7" remake will have an episodic treatment and will come with an entirely new battle system that has undergone a complete overhaul in order to play like an action RPG rather than a traditional JRPG.

In other news, Square Enix producer Yoshinori Kitase opened up about "Final Fantasy 7" remake development, telling GameInformer that the upcoming game derives inspiration from "Final Fantasy XIII."

When the project was announced, quite a few people were puzzled by the multi-part nature of the game; however the plan was to design it more like "FFXIII", where it boasted three titles.

Square Enix noted that "Final Fantasy 7" remake is a comprehensive game for each part of the multi-part plan as "Final Fantasy XIII" each narrated a story with contrasting angles and looking into new territories for story telling contrary to the original "Final Fantasy VII" which features a pre-existing story, and it will make no sense when it is split in numerous parts. In the process, the studio is looking for parts which are in scale par with one in "Final Fantasy XIII."

In addition, rumors are running rampant that a bundle version of "Final Fantasy 7" remake could make an appearance in 2019, while Square Enix will be hard at work developing new episodes in 2018.

The remake will reportedly feature fully voiced characters and more mini-games as compared to the original title.

Both Kitase and Nomura, however noted that the mini-games will be finite and that Square Enix might consider adding an array of big and small things within the remake employing the latest technology available.

"Final Fantasy 7" remake is rumored to hit the store shelves sometime next year for the PS4 as it marks the 20th Anniversary of the fan-favorite game.

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