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'Battlefield 1' Open Beta Gameplay Tricks, Tips: Kill Log, Fast Travel, Elite Class, Horseback Fighting, Respawning [SECRETS] Revealed


"Battlefield 1" Open Beta has been released allowing players to gain access to the Conquest and Rush game modes thru the Sinai Desert map. Below are some tips to help lead a team to victory.

Kill Log Secret

"Battlefield 1" Open Beta has up to 64 players running around the map at once, but a useful tool is the Kill Log, activated in Options > Gameplay > Kill Log. The tip can give a live feed of all the kills on the battlefield that are useful in identifying a player or a vehicle with a lot of damages that should be targeted or avoided. It can also confirm if another player has killed an enemy, Polygon reported.

Travel Fast

The Sinai Desert in "Battlefield 1" Open Beta is huge, so to travel to a distant target, jump on a horse or hop into a vehicle. When travelling by foot, avoid crossing wide open areas to avoid enemy snipers and artillery. If travelling in an open space is unavoidable, the gamer may sprint, then melee attack to initiate a bayonet charge to boost speed and minimize exposure.

Find Elite Class

Elite Class spawns in "Battlefield 1" Open Beta can be found in wooden crates at specific control points when in Conquest mode. Only one can be used at a time, followed by a cool down before the weapons re-spawn, PC Gamer reported.

Fight An Enemy On Horseback

"Battlefield 1" Open Beta horses can speed up the journey, but can be tricky in combat. The player gets access to a sabre to swing at enemies on foot and a rifle to fire. When fighting an enemy on horseback, aim for the player rather than the horse.

"Battlefield 1" Open Beta can make players run up to a vehicle and interact in order to gain control. Before re-spawning, look for a number under any of the tank or plane icons, then highlight it and cycle through options at the bottom of the screen and spawn to be dropped straight into the vehicle. Watch "Battlefield 1" video for more tricks.

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