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Google Discontinues Chromebook Pixel 2 On The Sly Without A New Version In Sight


Google quietly pulled the Chromebook Pixel 2 from its shelves, and it is likely that it is the end of the line for the first-party laptop from the company.

The Chromebook Pixel 2 was recently listed out of stock from the Google Store, while retailers are scrambling to sell remaining units, Venture Beat reported.

The flagship laptop from Google seems to have failed to make an impact in the market but a Google spokesperson had stated that the company is still committed to the product line up, Pixel, but had no immediate intentions to restock on the Pixel 2.

The Pixel 2 is Google's relatively expensive laptop that runs on Chrome OS. The Chromebook Pixel 2 was previously listed with a $1,299 price tag.

Google may have drawn the attention of some critics as the flagship model was relatively new as it was only made available in February of last year. This marks the second line-up to be pulled from the shelves as the company have also discontinued the $999 version in April of this year, according to PC World.

The technological industry is not unfamiliar with pull-outs of relatively new products as history have proven that an improved model is just around the corner, but Google has yet to announce an heir to its flagship Chromebook.

Recent events have sparked rumors surrounding the technological giant that a Chromebook Pixel 3 may be on its was soon. The speculation arose when a job listing, which apparently came from Google themselves, that vaguely suggested that a new Pixel is in development.

Industry sources have reflected on Google's recent ventures and may have come to a conclusion that the company may be planning to shy away from the laptop market, but it does not indicate that the company isn't working on a mobile Chromebook.

It still remains to be seen whether Google has completely given up on the laptop market, but it is likely that a Chromebook tablet might surface in the near future.

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