'The Flash' Rumors: Season 3 Will Have Jesse Quick In Costume. 'The Flash' Movie To Include 'The Rogues' [VIDEO]


Reports of Violett Beane's appearance on the set of season 3 of The Cw's "The Flash" has surfaced over the past weeks. While she has been seen on set, and will likely be back in season 3 to reprise her role as Jesse Wells, although she would want to be wearing a speedster costume, she still can't confirm when and if this will ever happen.

Now, a fresh rumor has surfaced, and according to ComicBook.Com, the rumors suggest that Wally West won't be the only new speedster with a costume in Central City for season 3 of The Flash.

As was established in the leaked set photos, Beane's character will be returning in the upcoming season, but to what capacity is still unknown. However a self-proclaimed "autograph hound," Canadagraphs, tweeted out that had snagged an autograph from Violett Beane while she was in Vancouver filming season 3 of The Flash.

The tweet contains information that may amount to something, or may not. According to the tweet, Beane signed an autograph while she was in full "Jesse Quick" costume. No photos of the costume were taken, and only described as, "red pants like Barry's" which really does not say much. There were also no confirmation whether the costume is for the "Flashpoint" storyline, or if will be seen in the regular timeline. There is also no information if the costume appears on Earth-1 or Earth-2.

Moving over to DC's "The Flash" Movie news, ScreenCrush reports that Warner Bros. seem to be choosing again to stuff their films with too much fan service in the form of major heroes, villains and story arcs, which critics pointed out as the downside to their movies.

Umberto Gonzalez of The Wrap recently said to viewers during a Periscope session that upcoming DC superhero film, "The Flash" will go full throttle and just give fans "The Rogues" right away. The Rogues is a supervillain team comprised of The Flash's major villains. It's members have included well-known Flash villains like Captain Cold, The Trickster, Gorilla Grodd and Captain Boomerang. Captain Boomerang's inclusion is particularly interesting as he had just been featured in Warner Bros., recent DC film outing, "Suicide Squad" portrayed by actor Jai Courtney and had already interacted with The Flash in the movie.

"The Flash" is set for release on November 17, 2017 and stars Ezra Miller as the titular character.

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