'Arrow' Season 5 News & Spoilers: Marc Guggenheim Reveals Thea's New Job. New Promo Teases Oliver's Challenges [VIDEO]


Based from the released statements about season 5 from the showrunners and the cast of The CW's "Arrow," the hit superhero series will be experiencing a lot of changes - some of which are old tones coming back to the equation. Plot changes that have been evident in the previous season such as Oliver Queen becoming the mayor of Star City will be an interesting scenario. But what about the other characters?

Casting of villains have pretty much the news each week, but new about what is going to happen to the regular cast has been a bit scarce, as logic would serve, those that have survived last season would pretty much exist in the next one. Now it seems that news about Oliver's younger half-sister, "Thea Queen" who is portrayed by actress Willa Holland has been released.

According to ScreenRant, Thea is taking on a surprising new role. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim explained to Entertainment Weekly that Thea will be taking on the role of Oliver's chief of staff. The new career path will give the character of Thea new dimensions and will show fans sho she is outside of her father's (Malcolm Merlyn) shadow. And that perhaps Thea would be quite competent with her new found career, added Guggenheim. He also stated that her skills could be due to her experience of watching her mother and managing her previously owned nightclub "Verdant." These experiences makes her very viable for a position in City Hall. Guggenheim also pointed out that Thea may be a much better chief of staff than his brother, Oliver as a mayor.

In a report by ComicBook.Com, the new promo trailer for season 5 of Arrow sees our vigilantes, in new scenarios, with Oliver as mayor, Diggle returning to the military, and Thea relinquishing the persona of "Speedy" and working at City Hall. Although Team Arrow may not be active at this time, the Green Arrow's defeat of the Damien Darhk inspired a new breed of vigilantes that judging from the trailer they've released, are going to be trained by Oliver Queen.

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