North Carolina Education Lottery Winner: Burke County Fire Victim Wins 200 Grand Prize

By , UniversityHerald Reporter

Ever wonder where the ticket sales from the games like last year's Carolina Panthers go to? The ticket sales from these games go to the North Carolina Education Lottery. In 2015 alone, they were able to raise over $600 million for the state.

This year, a Burke County fire victim receives a $200,000 lottery prize, cites Fox Local News. Courtesy of the North Carolina Education Lottery. A woman named Aleta Turner who is a resident of Connellys Springs receives a 200,000 grand prize which will help her rebuild her home and a new life.

Turner, who is currently employed as a convenience store manager at a Corner Food Mart decided to buy a five dollar ticket one day. When she found out that she won, she could not believe it at all.

The lottery prize from the North Carolina Education Lottery means she will be able to put up her home again which was once destroyed by a fire. Her life was thought to be over back in August 2014. Two years ago, she never imagined her home to get caught in a fire incident.

Turner said they were asleep when the fire broke out. "The electrical wiring caught fire and our pit bull woke us up," says Turner.

She currently has a new home but she still hopes to restore her old home. She never imagined that two years later a blessing from the North Carolina Education Lottery would grant her the means to rebuild her old home. She calls it a blessing and for her it is "really going to help out a lot."

She already claimed her prize last week. In total, she took home $138,501 after deductions from state and federal taxes were taken out.

The next time you watch a Carolina Pathers game, think of the possibilities that can help rebuild lives, homes and families.

There is still one top prize remaining. Will you be the next winner?

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