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‘Roku HD Upgrade’: Potential Killer of Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Google Chromecast; Leaked Features Include Voice-Controlled Remote!


The popular streaming device Roku is reported to have feature upgrades according to a leaked information. The information revealed the manufacturer's plan of rebranding which means removing the sporting numerical characters, high-definition streaming, voice-controlled remote, Ethernet and more.

Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV and Google Chromecast are the popular brands when it comes to streaming media. These four players continued to dominate the market with features specific to the taste of consumers. However, CNET revealed that devices capable of Netflix are not created equal thus it is compelling to buy a new one and Roku is one of those brands that is gaining ground with the device's impeccable performance. Most especially now that the newest upgrade includes HDR.

Tech Crunch reported about a leaked information from a certain blog that revealed the upgrades made into the four lines of Roku - 1, 2, 3 and 4. According to the leaked information, the lines of devices will have a revamped on its branding through eliminating the numerical characters and replacing them with Roku Express for Roku 1, Roku Premiere for Roku 2, Roku Premiere Plus for Roku 3 and Roku Ultra for Roku 4.  

The report also claimed that USB ports will be removed for Roku cheap streamers. Furthermore, additional features include voice-controlled remote that offers private listening through the built-in headphone jacks. In addition, the upgrades will include support for 4K streaming including microSD and Ethernet.

The new upgrades will be available in September 7 though it not yet confirmed by the company. However, the netizens speculated that the new models will be shipped out ahead of holiday season. Whether or not the rebranding will work in favor of Roku that cannot be determined as of this moment since names like Premiere and Ultra are expected to bring confusions to the consumers most especially when they are used to the numerical characters.

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