Microsoft Surface Devices 2016: Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Frontrunner, BUT Microsoft Surface Book 2 Releases First [SPECS COMPARISON HERE]

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Microsoft Surface Book 2 launch is expected to happen before the year ends and Microsoft is actually preparing for a media launch this Fall. However, it is not yet clear whether Microsoft will choose to unveil its Microsoft Surface Pro 5 instead of Microsoft Surface Book 2 as the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is currently the frontrunner when it comes to specs.

Both devices reportedly look similar at first glance but a closer inspection reveals that Microsoft Surface Pro 5 sports a more consumer-friendly design while the Microsoft Surface Book 2 has a sleeker look. This is suggested to be the reason why there is a slight difference in the targeted demographics for the 2-in-1s.

It is believed that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is targeted towards the artists and the creatives while Microsoft Surface Book 2 leans towards the business people, IBT AU reported. With that said, Microsoft is reportedly not allowing either of the two devices to get a subpar follow-ups especially that the devices ride high in sales and user feedbacks.

Meanwhile, details about the upcoming Microsoft Surface Book 2 is fairly little. However, rumors and speculations are by no means scarce. On top of the rumors is the fact that Microsoft will be totally altering the hinges of the second iteration of the Microsoft Surface Book, Tech Crunch reported.

While the fulcrum mechanism of the Surface Book is believed to be cool-looking, reviews suggested that the design was impractical as it left a gap between the screen and keyboard as the device closes. Users also claimed that they had a difficulty balancing the device due to its uneven top and bottom parts. This is something that Microsoft is requested to improve in its Microsoft Surface Book 2, reportedly.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 is also expected to sport the seventh-generation Kaby Lake processor. Rumor has it that the device will also support not only a USB 3.1 capability but also graphics that can have as high as 4K and 3D outputs. Lastly, the device is suggested to be tied up with Microsoft's forthcoming Redstone 2 update for its Windows 10 operating system. Watch this Microsoft Surface Book review here.

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