Windows 10 Anniversary Update: Amazon Kindle Voyage, Paperwhite Crash When Connected To Windows 10 PC, BUT PS Vita No Problem; Here's How To Fix Quickly, Temporarily

By , UniversityHerald Reporter

Amazon Kindle Voyage and Paperwhite versions are affected by the crash, which happens when users attempt to transfer books to e-readers or try to charge their devices by connecting to the Windows 10 PC's USB port. Once connected, the blue screen of death appears together with an error message that reads SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED and followed by a forced system restart.

The crash happens when the Kindle Paperwhite is plugged into the Windows 10 PC with a recently installed Anniversary Update, Windows Ten Forum user said.  Fortunately, other storage devices like the PlayStation Vita portable gaming console and smartphones do not experience the same problem. The crash has pushed users to run to the official Microsoft support forum to find a fix to this issue with Windows 10.

In the forum, a post from its moderator assured Windows 10 users that Microsoft is already aware of the issue regarding a small number of Paperwhite and Kindle Voyager e-Readers.  Noting the unexpected response when plugged into Windows 10 devices after installation of the Anniversary Update, the Microsoft company has assured that they are already working on an update that will address the issue, The Guardian reported.

For now, some Amazon Kindle Voyage and Paperwhite users suggested to close the magnetic cover of the Windows 10 computer, to keep the Kindle plugged in after the restart to make access to the Kindle ready after the restart. Finally, connecting the Amazon Kindle to the computer before booting the system or while the PC is sleeping is what user SeanHsi suggested.

Windows 10 systems complaints have surfaced since the Anniversary Update. A previous complaint was regarding millions of webcams that no longer work with it. Microsoft is currently working on an update to fix the issue, while users can make do with the alternative fixes.

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